You, the stars and the universe.

You don’t need to become the big one shiny star that catches wishes of everyone and sometimes checks if all eyeballs are still pleased.
The star that you want to become is not what you ever wanted to be. However, you secretly want to shine brightly in the sky at night but with the expectations that come along with being a big star from the people that are unaware your mental existence will force you to become that one big fucking meteor that is larger than they could ever become in two spans of their life and their exceptions of you being present from the fall of dusk to the crack of dawn will crush your soul in fine powder, dust maybe or stardust for if they ever cared about you after you are no more the one they wanted you to be any more.

However, you can become the star you always wanted to be, lit dimly showing your beauty that is light years away from them and is not ruled by the force of the admirer or the universe. You can become the king of the subtle things, the experiences that forfeit your insecurities, the people who need someone compassionate, some personal just for them and not the universe.

One day with all the realizations you make from unpleasant experiences you’ll become that one little star that sparkles instead of shining and is admired by a countable pair of familiar eyeballs.

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