Qudsia Bagh


DSC_0007Among the repressed ruins and the dreadful past left behind by british raj the Qudsia bagh is one fine example of the mughal architecture.

Location: Railway Colony, Prema Kunj, Civil Lines, New Delhi, Delhi 110054

Entry charge : Free




My Experience : Like every other teenager I was in complete mess with plans without any goal rushing in my head, But this time the rush was peculiar maybe because I am turning 19 in 5 hours but unlike any other teenage I can escape, I can travel time. With that said I was already on my way back to 1748.


Located in a lush piece of Kashmere gate this red brick marvel  still manages please unchained eyeballs of any urban explorer and I was no different. Semi-spiral staircases that leads to a rather modern entrance. The entrance, for a second I went through all sorts of paranoia, how something so old can be in this form and this style maybe there were things that I could not understand at the moment but it was fun to be in a dilemma while my life is in an equilibria between introspection and socialization. It all started about two weeks ago when I killed all my social media profile along with any link with chatting apps, It hit me all at once my life, this place and the rest. DSC_0015.jpg

Everything needs to be restored but with a hint of fresh design for the sake of it’s survival in future, But this place seemed to be gone through many restoration like that. This can also be applicable to my life, maybe everything makes sense now or maybe this place is a mere illusion still applicable to my life.DSC_0005.jpg

I strongly recommend anyone with snakes in his head to visit this place once. It’s quiet, green and still unknown that can help you to find questions and maybe their answers too.

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