“soda, masala, lemon and love”

This shop which iDSC_0228s hardly 90 sq. ft. took 7 generation of Bobby bhaiya to establish this level of existence and presence in Chandni Chowk market . Many shops in the market claim to be the best nimbu masala soda shop but none of them feels this friendly and tastes this unique(I mean amazing!) . Chandni chowk being famous for famous food spots it is hard to decide where and what to drink but let me guide you the best soda shop in the entire old Delhi.

Location : Opposite to the town hall just before the entrance of nai sadak.

Nimbu Masala Soda

Price : ₹10 for nimbu soda and ₹15 for nimbu masala soda.

My Experience : with my tummy full of chicken biryani and savoury snack from Natraj Dahi Bhalla corner it was kind of burning in my stomach. My food baby needed


something fresh,bubbly,sweet,tangy to calm down so I decided to feed it witch some nimbu soda, I already had a spot in my mind to have the best soda in the market but I decided to ask someone in Natraj Dahi Bhalla corner for the best soda shop around to my surprise it was the not what I
DSC_0229-2was planning to visit but I gave it a shot. When we(me and my friends) reached to the the soda shop we were warmly greeted by a mid aged guy with an experienced face and friendly smile on his face we were not accustomed to this type of treatment( felt like a culture shock lol!) from a soda seller. He took our order and we tracked the process of the making of the great  nimbu masala soda from with our eyes.

Retail version





The kancha seal of the banta bottle was broken and was poured in a glass with some ice and secret masala mix in it. The moment when the first sip touched our tongue we realized that we had the best nimbu masala soda ever.


  1. This mouth watering drink could never be compared with any ordinary soft drinks. The owners recently launched CASCO which tastes really good. I am really satisfied with the experience! Hope everyone feels the same after tasting the drink!! Really well written.


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