With everyone breathing so hard around me, It felt so calm, so warm like home. Lunacy and paranoia in the veins of the masses came from the air infected by the cocktail of modern and traditional values and ethics. Me being a victim of this massacre at a very young age never felt so good since now. Whilst discovering the new or maybe the real world some say I’ve developed some special ability like loving my life or in general loving everything and anything I do.

Love. It’s overrated yet special ,I’ve never felt it with a person but I do feel the way it feels. Complicated right? You’re already asking yourself why I am reading this explosion of emotions of an on the verge of his teenage life writer. The reason is I want you to escape from this woebegone world and live a bit of my life. Let me make it less complicated for you once in a while when I start to write something I feel like i am too sober to let my feelings come out but again I’ve lived my whole life being sober.

The point I am trying to make is being alone is amazing for an arc in the circle of your life. It will not be easy but take my words it will be amazing or like overenthusiastic motivational speakers say “LIFE CHANGING!”. You’ll find out you can talk to yourself, listen to your voice, see where are you, travel time in your head and this time nobody’s bringing you back. Next time you’re in the city, in the crowd I want you to stop let go all the responsibilities along with the shyness and try to feel lonely. It sounds sad but feels nice.


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